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Smile, you're in Lisbon | Esssência dos Olivais

Smile, you’re in Lisbon

Undergoing dental treatment does not have to be an inconvenient experience. Why not try something new?

Essência dos Olivais is a dental clinic conveniently located within less than two miles from Lisbon International Airport, with a highly qualified team of professionals specialized in different areas of dental care. Besides providing personalized and accessible dental care for the locals in the peaceful Bairro da Encarnação, we open our doors to all of Europe and beyond. But why should you visit us?


First of all, wether or not you place your dental health in our hands, you should definitely visit Lisbon. It is one of the best tourist destinations in Europe at the moment, appreciated for its amazing weather, welcoming locals, peaceful aura, and many natural and man-made wonders to marvel at.


Our doctors and receptionists will have no trouble communicating with you during your treatment, and thus can appropriately address your needs (one of them even speaks Dutch, if you prefer it).


Within the wide range of dental services we provide — be it Aesthetics, Oral Implantology and Rehabilitation, Pediatric dentistry, Orthodontics and more — we have specialized doctors, who thrive to deliver the best possible service in each field.


A big part of what makes Medical Tourism so appealing is the opportunity to unite pleasure with convenience, and we would never want to spoil a perfectly good holiday. For that reason, we apply highly effective and low time-consuming methods as to make your stay as pleasing as possible. Treatment is conducted at the pace which is best suited for the duration of your stay, needs and willingness to return more than once. Although we’re sure that after visiting Lisbon and us for the first time, coming back will always feel like a vacation. 🙂


Dental Health is not to be taken lightly, and should be dealt with only by professionals, which explains the prices practiced in this field. But like everything in Lisbon, dentistry is also very affordable comparing with other countries, without abdicating from European standards of quality and hygiene.

You can consult our prices here

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